PRTI Thermal DeManufacturing®

Waste Tires

Waste Tires

Trucks bring tires and other tire manufacturing waste to our processing plant.
Thermal Demanufacturing

PRTI Thermal DeManufacturing

Whole tires are loaded into the processing chamber and broken down into useful commodities through an electronically managed process.


The resulting products (oil, syngas, carbon and steel) are sold as commodities or converted into energy.


RTI Thermal DeManufacturing is a zero waste, energy positive process that uses carefully managed temperature and pressure to break rubber down into useful commodities. Our approach has many advantages over existing methods such as pyrolysis.

  • Whole tires can be loaded into the processing chamber, reducing handling costs.
  • Our scalable system design means we can cost effectively build smaller plants closer to the source of waste tires, reducing logistics costs, overhead and carbon footprint.
  • The commodities we output meet or exceed standards for purity because of the way we manage temperature and pressure.

PRTI Thermal DeManufacturing is an environmentally, energy and revenue positive solution to the waste tire problem.


ur Goal is to produce the highest quality commodities possible with the lowest waste. To meet this goal, we are committed to a process of continual improvement. All commodities are routinely tested for purity and contaminants and the entire system is monitored via an array of sensors and physical process checks. Every detail is recorded and the results compared to previous runs.

Safety is also a paramount concern, both for our workers and the environment we operate in. Strict safety procedures are observed at all times and all team members undergo extensive safety training.



e are committed to transforming America’s billions of waste tires into valuable commodities in a green, revenue and energy producing, zero-waste process.

In the first few months of operation, our Franklinton plant processed more than 15,000,000 pounds of waste rubber. That may sound like a lot, but we are just getting started. A new waste tire is created every 9 seconds, so we have to scale quickly to catch up.

PRTI is partnering with some of the largest tire manufacturers and waste management companies in the world. During the next five years, we will expand across the USA and beyond. With the help of our partners, we will finally solve the world’s waste tire problem.

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