PRTI will transform America’s billions of waste tires into valuable commodities in a green, revenue and energy producing, near zero-waste process.

waste tires are created every year, just in the USA.

1 waste tire is created for every single person living in the USA, every year.

Nine waste tires are trashed every second of every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

There are three common ways to get rid of waste tires. All of them are bad for the environment.

Burning tires


Over 150MM tires are burned every year. Burning a single tire can produce over two gallons of toxins.  Burning 150MM tires pumps millions of tons of greenhouse gases and toxins into our atmosphere.
Tire in landfill


32MM tires are buried every year.  Buried tires never decompose. They are a continual risk for fire, mosquitoes and disease. Burying tires costs municipalities more than $750 Million every year.
Grinding tires to make crumb rubber


Grinding just one trailer load of tires wastes enough energy to power a typical American home for 3 months. And 40,000 trailer loads of tires are sent to the grinder every year.

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